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Curiosities about Cozumel

To speak of Mexico is to speak of the Maya civilization, one of the most important in pre-Hispanic America.

Therefore, it is not surprising that every year millions of people want to admire in person the invaluable legacy left by this culture in Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco, the eastern part of Chiapas and Quintana Roo.
Precisely, in this state we can locate the island of Cozumel among the favorite destinations for those who decide to enjoy a vacation in this country.

For you to enjoy even more your trip to this paradise on the Caribbean coast and its Mayan heritage, here are a few curiosities that you will probably like to know.


Things you have to know about Cozumel

Cozumel, in Mayan language Kosom Lumil, is the third largest island in Mexico and the second most populated.
It is one of the 11 municipalities of the State of Quintana Roo, is located 18 kilometers from the Yucatan Peninsula and just over 60 kilometers from Cancun.

It is also known as the Land of the Swallows due to the large number of these birds that fly over this territory founded by the Mayas as a sacred sanctuary and commercial stop.


The enchanting island has been the scene of historical events that have marked it, making it an exotic island, like something out of a fairy tale. It has sheltered Mayans, Spaniards and even reckless pirates.

Despite this, it has always been a peaceful island and its inhabitants seem to be enraptured by a love and respect for the Mayan culture as in few other places.

The Arrecifes National Park (Great Mayan Reef) and its spectacular corals and marine fauna are some of the reasons why Cozumel is considered one of the top 5 diving destinations in the world.

Around the 60’s the renowned filmmaker, diver, oceanographer and writer Jacques Cousteau after having explored the seas throughout the world aboard his ship Calypso, declared that Cozumel was the best place to dive and, as if by magic, all diving lovers fixed their eyes on this small island making it one of the best places to practice this sport.

The people of Cozumel in gratitude to Jacques Cousteau have placed a statue of him at the bottom of the sea.


If you don’t want to swim underwater to appreciate the marine fauna, coral formations and even a sunken ship, you can dive in a real submarine!


Although Cozumel does not have extensive white sand beaches, since its geography is rather rocky, there are at least 3 that are a must-see:
Punta Chiqueros – with a still rather “wild” environment -; Playa Palancar, one of the most popular and highly recommended for snorkeling; and Playa de Chen Rio, which looks more like a swimming pool, thanks to the rocks that surround the place and slow down the swell.


Archaeological sites in Riviera Maya

Among the most important archaeological sites to visit in Cozumel are the San Gervasio Ruins, where the sanctuary dedicated to “Ixchel”, the Mayan goddess of fertility, was erected.

The first inhabitants of Cozumel were the Mayas, who worshipped the goddess Ixchel, deity of fertility, childbirth, love and gestation. The love of the Mayan people for the goddess Ixchel was such that a sanctuary was built for her and it was the duty of every woman to go at least once in her life to worship her. It is said that the goddess Ixchel in gratitude made them bring from the sky the favorite birds of the Mayas, hence the name La Isla de las Golondrinas (Island of the Swallows). In Mayan Cuzam is swallow and Luum, place, giving origin to the name Cuzamil. The Spaniards, unable to pronounce it accurately, began to deform it to Cozumel.


However, you will have to board a boat to go to the mainland and tour the Mayan settlements of Chitchen Itza, Tulum and Coba.

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➤ Curiosities about Cozumel | Best Island In Riviera Maya
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➤ Curiosities about Cozumel | Best Island In Riviera Maya
Here are a few interesting facts about Cozumel and its Mayan heritage that you will want to know to enjoy your vacation even more. 😎🌊