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Top 5 restaurants you must visit in cozumel

1.- Ix-Kool Cozumel

Tradition finds its meaning in the Ix-Kool restaurant, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Cozumel that exalts its Mayan heritage in a fusion of memories and feelings in every meal.

Discover and live the Mayan gastronomic traditions through authentic flavors and recipes that chef “Karla Enciso”, who is one of the Top 10 Chefs of Quintana Roo, prepared as a result of many years researching traditions that are inherited generation after generation in the Mayan communities of the region.

2.- Three Amigos Cozumel

With a very privileged location, because it is actually the first Mexican restaurant that you can see when the American (or other) cruise ships landed on the Mexican island of Cozumel. Between three friends created this cantina which was highly recommended by several friends, and we went there with our eyes closed. What a great idea we had! In our opinion, this is one of the best restaurants in the area. Although not necessarily the least populated or the quietest, but the atmosphere is very cool, set with Mexican music in the background (or live music sometimes, especially at the end of the day), they offer several cocktails, very nice house and very homey.

But if you come (and vice versa!) There are also and especially for the content of the dishes, it’s just great! We especially loved the seafood burritos ($ 13 without tax), it’s just delicious, everything is very rich and very fresh (which is particularly important for seafood you will agree), excellent bill at affordable prices, it is simply and particularly very exotic, it must be said 🙂 I also recommend blindfolded to try the chicken tacos, everything is very Mexican (but not too spicy, unless you request it …. and there is no guarantee that it does not respond!), very good and plentiful. In short, despite a little tourist step, not necessarily determined, but guaranteed a good time, especially in its small beautifully decorated overlooking the port of Cozumel on its terrace. Totally recommended. Be sure to visit it and taste a good Mexican meal.

3.- Señor Frog's Costa Sur

Señor Frog’s, positioned as a world reference in the restaurant area of the “fun” line, is of international stature, having a presence in Mexico, the United States, Puerto Rico and The Bahamas, places where it has left its mark for the incredible combination of fun and flavor.

As if that were not enough, between atmosphere, fun and gastronomy, the service is specialized in taking care of you as if you were part of the family and its mission is to make sure you have a great time.

Source: Señor Frog’s Cozumel


4.- Bajau Cozumel

Our gastronomic offer is a proposition that respects the flavors of the ingredients enhanced in a very distinctive way. Utilizing domestic products, authentic grilled cooking in our charcoal oven and refined side dishes that will take you on a trip through the savors of Asiatic coasts in a delicate fusion with the Caribbean Islands make BAJAU`S Cuisine a unique experience.

Tendered by exceptional service and camaraderie in a privileged location, illuminated by the sunset and bathed in the dim light of our Caribbean moon, BAJAU is located on the Water Front (Malecon of Cozumel) 3 blocks away from the main square and Ferry dock.

Source: Bajau Cozumel

5.- K'ooben Cozumel

K’ooben Laab is a Kitchen Lab that joins four  young people in a fusion project of healthy and creative food. Applying a modern twist to recipes passed down through generations.

You pick the pasta and sauce combination to make a truly spectacular dish. So many delicious choices…you will want to try them all! Be sure to ask about the daily special! They also have many vegetarian & vegan options.

I hope these recommendations are enough for you to visit these places, which I assure you will leave you with a very good taste in your mouth, besides having an incredible experience.

Please enjoy and put a comment when if you visit one of this places.

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