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Sacred Mayan Journey in Cozumel

Mayan Sacred Journey It is a ritual performed by the Mayans paddling in canoes from Polé (today Xcaret) to Cuzamil (today Cozumel) in order to worship the goddess Ixchebelyax (Ixchel). The Renewal of the Cosmos is underway and the rhythm of life must continue, just as the Mythic Canoe sails the sky towards the stars to…

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La Tumba del Caracol | Cozumel

LA TUMBA DEL CARACOL Cozumel one of the ten municipalities of the state of Quintana Roo is a Mexican island, the third largest and the second most populated of the country in the Mayan language Cozumel means "Island of the Swallows", rich in archaeological monuments, product of the Mayan culture, has incredible places for tourists…

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WORLD TOURISM TRENDS SUMMIT The World Tourism Trends Summit, to be held August 24-26 on the island of Cozumel, Mexico, was recently presented. The objective of the congress is to position Mexico as a power in tourism through technology. Through the search for technological solutions and implementations to improve the traveler's experience, this congress was born. The…

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Nightlife in Cozumel

Nightlife in Cozumel Cozumel, as far as its nightlife is concerned, offers Caribbean rhythms and a lot of romance. The environment of paradisiacal beaches and tropical nature is suitable for seduction and after sunset, a universe of relaxation opens up to tourists. Although the nightclubs in Cozumel are not very numerous, the island has several bars where…

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