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What to see in Cozumel | Tourism around the island

What to see in Cozumel - Sightseeing around the island

One of the best things to see in Cozumel, is San Miguel, the largest town on the island, where commercial stores, car rentals, nightlife, restaurants are concentrated, and from here there are three ways to get around Cozumel.

Some streets are decorated with huge graffiti murals of the SEA Walls, Murals For The Oceans project, painted by international artists.

In the western part of the island, the beaches between Punta Norte and Punta Sur, such as San Francisco or Playa del Sol, have fine white sand and calm, crystalline waters with a large number of marine species that can be observed, ideal for activities such as diving or snorkeling, along the reefs, highlighting the Palancar reef with intense underwater life, multiple species of tropical fish and black coral. On the other hand, the eastern part is open sea, so it is rougher, and extreme caution is recommended when bathing on this side of the island of Cozumel.


The coastal road that follows from San Miguel to the south goes along different beaches with bars, diving spots, the Chankanaab Park (Mayan site converted into a theme park) and resorts, and to the right the site of El Cedral. At the southern end, a detour indicates the entrance to the Punta Sur Eco-Beach Park (fee) where the Mayan remains of El Caracol and the Celarain Lighthouse are located. The park guards a bird habitat with sighting towers, crocodiles, turtle nesting area and the Navigation Museum.

Island of Passion

Another thing to see in Cozumel is a small piece of paradise of barely 1 km in extension, known as the Island of Passion or Mukyaj Peten -in Mayan-, a culture that considered it a sacred place in ancient times, It is usually a favorite place for couples who, attracted by the beauty of the landscape and a pre-Hispanic legend, decide to unite their lives among majestic views and in the belief that they receive the divinity of the deity, through a lasting union, emulating the love that Ixchel professed to Itzamná -God of the Sun.

It is best to dedicate a couple of days to Cozumel, if you want to travel in peace and quiet and enjoy its coastline. The gastronomic specialties of seafood are also a must to complete the visit, so do not forget to ask for a good tray of seafood.

Cozumel map

things to do in cozumel

How to get to Cozumel

Cozumel has its own International Airport, so you can make a direct arrival.

You can also arrive from Cancun International Airport, which is one hour away from Playa del Carmen.

From Playa del Carmen there are several ferry lines that will take you to Cozumel in approximately 30 to 45 minutes, until arriving in San Miguel de Cozumel.

To move around the island you can rent a car or a scooter, which are very good for touring the island and making stops to eat and bathe. Next to the road that runs along the coast, a second road for bicycles and motorcycles has been created, making it even safer to ride.

Cruises to Cozumel

The beauty of the island of Cozumel and the underwater reef has led to an increase in the arrival of cruise ships calling at the small port in recent years.

The numerous excursions around the island, both diving and visiting the beaches, are one of the most popular activities in Cozumel as well as in the Riviera Maya.

➤ What to see in Cozumel | Discover the Island
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➤ What to see in Cozumel | Discover the Island
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