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The Virgin submerged in Chankanaab Park

The Virgin and Christ of Chankanaab in Cozumel

Within the great extension of beautiful beaches and abundant coral gardens between Mexico and Honduras, Cozumel, among hundreds of resorts, is among the three most popular destinations for sport diving, and this is due not only to the magnificent visibility -up to 60 m in optimal conditions- and pleasant water temperature (26-28ยฐ), but also to the spectacular beauty of its reef in the Chankanaab Park.


Although the Mayans call it “small sea”, the natural aquarium of Chankanaab is a lagoon that is part of the national reserve of the same name. Because of the tranquility of its waters, the lagoon has become the most visited site on the island, as you can safely practice free diving -without a tank- or sport diving. Its reefs shelter colonies of very attractive fish, and in its sandy bed the remains of some sunken ships and the image of the Christ of Cozumel wait patiently to be discovered by the intrepid that, at their own will, go down beyond 10 m of depth.

Chankanaab is one of the best for beginner divers. It is a marine park of Cozumel that has depths ranging from 3 to 12 meters. In the waters of Chankanaab you can observe besides the christ and the virgin, canyons, anchors and reef fish.


In this place is the statue of the submerged Christ of Chankanaab.

The Christ was placed by Ramon Bravo in 1994 in the reef of Chankanaab.

The Christ of Cozumel was placed on the reef of Palancar to prevent cruise ships from destroying the reef with their propellers, then in 1990 a hurricane knocked it down and it was relocated on the reef of Chankanaab Park.

Do you know the Virgin of Cozumel?

The image of the Virgin is submerged inside the Chankannab Park, and is venerated by the people of Cozumel.

The Virgin of Chankanaab, also called “The Queen of the Seas” is considered the protector of the island of Cozumel and its inhabitants, especially during the hurricane season, as the island receives the first onslaught of cyclones whose trajectory includes Quintana Roo.


This image was the first “Virgen de Mar” in the entity, placed in the 50’s, and is also believed to be the guardian of sailors, divers, captains and workers of the sea.

The Chankanaab Park was the site chosen to place it, but not on land, but submerged in the beach that is within it, and placed eight meters deep in a niche.

Since 1961, the Virgin of Chankanaab was taken from her vigil at the bottom of the sea, to go in procession to the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the island and officiate a mass in her honor.


The image of the Virgin of Chankanaab was made with the donation of 8,300 keys and bronze pieces.

The original statue remained in place, guarding the people of Cozumel until 2011, when it was stolen, until now its current location was unknown.

Today in its place rests a replica, which maintains the protection of its predecessor to the locals and tourists, who ask her to continue blessing them.

The statue of the “Virgin of the Sea” is respected by divers, sailors and fishermen alike, because of its According to the local legend, she is the one who takes care of the inhabitants of the island and keeps them safe. The statue in the lagoon of Chankanaab National Park is removed from the water, cleaned and venerated before being returned to the sea.

She returns to the sea on the 4th Sunday of October, leaving in procession from the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Chankanaab Park. More than 200 people came to accompany the “Virgen del Mar” on her way back to the sea.

The annual tradition dates back to 1962, although the current statue is a replica of the original that was stolen in 2011. The statue began its reign four years ago and was forged by bronze keys donated by the inhabitants of the island. The “Virgin of the Sea” is almost 28 inches (70 cm) tall and is estimated to weigh 28 pounds (13 kg.).

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โžค The Virgin submerged in Chankanaab Park | Visit Cozumel
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โžค The Virgin submerged in Chankanaab Park | Visit Cozumel
In the depths of Chankanaab Park, the figure of a virgin blesses locals and travelers, did you know her?๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ