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5 activities with children in Cozumel | Quintana Roo in family

5 activities with children in Cozumel, Quintana Roo

Cozumel is a beautiful island located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico , with perfect activities to do with children. For being a few kilometers from the entertaining Playa del Carmen.

It is an island full of peace and tranquility, with the best view of the turquoise blue ocean unmatched by Mexican beaches. It is, without a doubt, a wonderful destination to spend a few happy days with your family. These are 5 places you should not miss to visit with the little ones of the house:

San Gervasio, Cozumel


To begin with, it is the Archaeological Zone of the island. As in all these sites in Mexico, it is an excellent activity to do whit children, perfect to learn a little of the history of our country. Specifically, about the Maya culture, founders of this beautiful place.

Being in these ruins means the opportunity for children to run free and explore ancient spaces, full of history as well as being hidden among nature.

Punta Sur Ecotourism Park


This park is an ideal state reserve for families with nature-loving children. Among its beaches of fine white sand and turquoise blue waters are miles of reefs to observe marine life, as well as an aviary, in addition to areas for observing terrestrial animals. In other words, it is a fun, protected natural space to explore with the family.

Inside is the Celarain Lighthouse which, like any other lighthouse, has a powerful reflector that illuminates the ocean. To reach the top you have to climb 133 circular steps.

If you do not suffer from claustrophobia and you consider that you and your family are able to climb (at your own pace, without rushing) this amount of steps, it is an adventure that you must do with children. At the top you will have spectacular views of the ocean and the island. It is well worth it.


This Mayan word means “small sea” in Spanish, and it is a large cenote where marine life thrives.

This natural paradise is located within the island’s National Marine Park and there are also several activities for the whole family: swimming with dolphins, zip lining, kayaking, sea lion show and exploring the botanical garden, among other activities that are perfect to do with children. The truth is that this place offers a day of guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Atlantis Submarine


The Atlantis XII is the only tourist submarine in Mexico, and it is a true experience for the whole family. It is one of the most exciting activities you can do with children on the Cozumel island, as the submarine actually dives 30 meters under the sea, offering a natural view of the ocean depths.

It is a beautiful experience to observe the marine life without anyone telling you about it. “With more than 26 skylights and a large front window located at the bow of the submarine, especially the youngest members of the family will enjoy the most breathtaking views of the Chankanaab reef. You will have the opportunity to visit a mysterious sunken ship, more than 20 meters deep, while a member of our crew accompanies you with an entertaining narration.” Children and adults alike will rise to the surface in delight.

Downtown Cozumel


Finally, like all the centers of every town or city in Mexico, Cozumel’s is no exception. In my opinion this zΓ³calo, located right on the ferry dock, is very “agringado”, but that does not take away from its beauty, on the contrary, it brings diversity and adds to the beauty of the Mexican. In these plazas you and your family can walk, run, eat and observe the local dynamics. A nice experience with the people who live and visit this island.

These 5 activities are, from my experience, the 5 most recommended when I ask myself what to see in Cozumel.

However, Cozumel works perfectly to stay with your family in an all-inclusive hotel, because the tranquility, the climate and the beauty of the sea lend themselves perfectly – much more than in other beaches – to enjoy with your family lying on the beach, eating unlimited meals at the hotel, taking advantage of the “kids club” that many of these resorts have, without having to travel, you can enjoy to the fullest, rest, have fun and finally return home with your heart swollen with love.

➀ 5 Activities to do With your Children in Cozumel | You´ll love #3
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➀ 5 Activities to do With your Children in Cozumel | You´ll love #3
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