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Río Secreto | the Coolest Tour near Cozumel

The best excursion in Cozumel

Río Secreto is one of the tourist attractions with the best reviews to do in the Riviera Maya

whether we go as a family with children, group of friends, couple or if we make the trip alone and we want to join a group.


What is Rio Secreto?

Rio Secreto (or Pool Tunich in Mayan) is a set of subway galleries and rivers formed from the erosion of the rock.

The continuous filtration of rainwater allows the stalactite and stalagmite formations that abound in the caves to take shape.

Some species of flora and fauna have evolved in this habitat characterized by the absence of sunlight.

Animals such as fish, insects and bats have used their auditory sensory capacity to compensate for the lack of light.

Trees have managed to extend their roots tens of meters to reach subway lagoons, searching for water for their growth.


Recognized by National Geographic as a sustainable project that allows you to approach 

this natural wonder with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Rio Secreto opens the door to a world unknown to surface dwellers.

Environmental education is one of the aspects that prevails here

as well as the generation of the minimum impact on the tours since it is an extremely delicate ecosystem.

Rio Secreto - Sustainable Project

As a unique natural heritage Rio Secreto seeks to be more than a tourist option in the Riviera Maya

and its commitment to the environment is recognized by entities such as 

National Geographic with whom we collaborated in a Documentary.

Since it is part of a Natural Reserve

its exploitation for tourism is governed by strict regulations that prioritize respect for nature 

and collaboration with the owners of the land where Río Secreto is located.

The groups that visit Río Secreto are small and limited so that the human impact is not aggressive with its habitat.


Tours and Tour Packages

All Rio Secreto tour packages include access to the Natural Reserve

specialized guide in Spanish or English, lockers to leave our belongings, wetsuits, life vest, helmet with flashlight, 

towel, food buffet of typical Mexican food, and non-alcoholic beverages.

The different packages are: Normal; Rio Secreto Plus, Rio Secreto Wild and Privilege Tour.

Before starting we will attend the Mayan ceremony to request permission to access the underworld to the gods.


Rio Secreto Normal

This is the most basic tour, but it is not lacking in spectacularity.

The tour combines stretches through the subway galleries walking on the rock,

with others where equipped with vests we will get wet and swim.

Río Secreto Plus

Rio Secreto Plus adds an extra adrenaline rush to the classic tour,

with rappelling and biking activities and a tour that combines both the subway world and trails through the jungle,

we will enjoy the jungle and its fauna.

In addition, a play of lights and sounds will be projected in the Hall of Peace, a natural amphitheater.

Río Secreto Wild

Only suitable for the most adventurous and active tourism lovers

Rio Secreto Wild is the wildest option, we will move inside the subway river galleries on foot, by bicycle, swimming and diving.

Río Secreto Privilege

It is the most exclusive activity and also the most personalized,

since we will choose how long the tour will last and we will decide how to face the challenges that we will encounter guided only by the light of a flashlight.

Tips and recommendations

– The pure waters as well as its ecosystem can be endangered if we use or do not eliminate from our body the chemicals present in perfumes, sunscreen, etc.

– Rio Secreto is surrounded by a lot of nature and for this reason we must be attentive to the fauna.

Especially with the ants that can bite and cause irritation and itching that it is better not to scratch as it will last longer.

Patience and the fresh water of the subway river will alleviate the itching.

– The tour is not demanding and people of all ages can do it.

The guides are totally professional and take care of the visitors in a friendly way.

– It is not allowed to bring any type of cameras and other similar products even if they are submersible

and it is recommended to leave any accessory in the lockers and not to leave any object inside the galleries and subway rivers.

-In each tour there will be a photographer who will take pictures of all participants, which will be available for sale in printed or digital form at the end of the tour.

– It is advisable to bring clothes or swimsuit to change at the end of the tour.

– The tour lasts approximately one hour and a half, plus the preparation time,

the guide’s talk and the buffet in the restaurant.

– Tips to the guide are not included in the entrance fee and are optional, but always appreciated depending on the degree of satisfaction.

– The tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility or pregnant womens too, so now yo know where go in the next vacations.


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➤ Río Secreto | The Coolest Tour Close to Cozumel
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➤ Río Secreto | The Coolest Tour Close to Cozumel
A magical and ancestral subway river from which you will not want to leave ✨ 💧 🦇 you will fall in love with Río Secreto 😍