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The World Tourism Trends Summit, to be held August 24-26 on the island of Cozumel, Mexico, was recently presented.

The objective of the congress is to position Mexico as a power in tourism through technology. Through the search for technological solutions and implementations to improve the traveler’s experience, this congress was born.

The main purpose of the WORLD TOURISM TRENDS SUMMIT event is to inform the business and tourism community about the importance of digital transformation, especially after the pandemic.


At a press conference held at the offices of the Secretariat of Economic Development and hosted by its head, Rosa Elena Lozano Vázquez, and the president of the Federation of Tourism Entrepreneurs, Margarita Carbajal Carmona, the First International Tourism Congress WORLD TOURISM TRENDS SUMMIT was presented, which will be held on the island of Cozumel from August 24 to 26 of this year.

According to Jessica Peña, FETUR’s advisor, the WORLD TOURISM TRENDS SUMMIT will support and represent companies in the value chain, in a direct and timely manner and focused on the current problems of the sector, promoting sustainability and digital transformation.


Congress that aims to present to the business community the essential need for digital transformation, the current technological transformation goes hand in hand with tourism, the congress will present innovative options that with the use of technology has boosted not only leisure tourism, but the more than 40 subsectors of tourism.

With these platforms all tourists nowadays find the right suit for them when planning their trip, said Margarita Carbajal Carmona, president of FETUR Nacional.

The speakers are important specialists, who have developed methodologies and technologies that can help accelerate the economic recovery of tourism in our country, said Carbajal Carmona, as audience, the event is suitable for tourism businessmen or entrepreneurs SMEs or large transport companies, travel agencies, government, press, companies of cutting-edge technological solutions or scientific development focused on the sector, as well as all public and private agents related to innovation and tourism.

The head of SEDE stressed that this Congress will also serve as a platform for the creation of the Innovation and Technology Hub for Tourism, and for attracting investment in various sectors.

The authorities extended an invitation to participate in the World Tourism Summit, to network and to learn about technology and trends in the tourism sector.


For his part, Joan Passolas, FETUR’s National Advisor for International Affairs, invited the Congress to seek the balance that humanity currently needs in terms of digital divides and to integrate professions and social classes that are still far from technology.

Bertha Medina Núñez de Cáceres, President of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Services of Central and Southern Quintana Roo, Architect Eloy Stalin Quintan Jiménez, President of the CCE Chetumal, Businesswoman Socorro Terrazas, Architect Omar Govea Hernández, Undersecretary of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Services of Central and Southern Quintana Roo, and the President of the CCE Chetumal, Architect Omar Govea Hernández, Undersecretary of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Services of Central and Southern Quintana Roo, were also present.

Omar Govea Hernández, Undersecretary of Tourism, Cecilia Alcérreca, National Counselor of FETUR, Ms. Karla Almanza López, President of AMEXME Chetumal Chapter, among other businessmen members of Chambers and Associations.



During 3 days we will hold the Congress magnifying the beauty of the destination and state, with a program that contains multiple activities and a high impact academic program, one and one meetings and round table discussions. The event will be for 500 attendees, decision makers, professionals from different disciplines to grow our industry and our community.

3 Days + 500 Virtual Attendees + 17 Conferences + 500 Presential Attendees


Thus, the topics to be addressed, which revolve around tourism marketing, digital strategies, augmented reality, artificial intelligence. In addition to having a commercial area, networking and tours within Cozumel.

Success stories
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Tourism Marketing
Commercial Intelligence
Augmented Reality
Digital Strategies


Cozumel Island Convention Center, Cozumel Island, Cozumel, QR 77600
FETUR National
August 24, 2022 – August 26, 2022
Recurring daily
Cozumel Island
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
$7000 pesos – 30% discount


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➤ World Tourism Trends Summit | Events In Cozumel
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➤ World Tourism Trends Summit | Events In Cozumel
The World Tourism Trends Summit is an event entirely dedicated to the merger of two major themes. Tourism and technology 🤯🌴📱