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We’re The Cabana Beach

Hi I am Peter Beach, welcome to the Cabana Beach I am always being asked questions about Who We Are Where We Are. How did we get here. What our philosophy is. How is it that our food is many levels above that of other beach clubs. How do I make a reservation. How many Cabanas do you have. Can I choose the cabana I want to reserve. And many more questions

We are a small group of islanders from cozumel who had a dream and The Cabana Beach is our dream come true.

We are located 400 meters south of the entrance to Chamcanaab Park on the beach road.

We have rented the southern most 120 meters of Chancanaab.

WE ARE DEDICATED to comfort and tranquility in our Cabanas, excellent service from our staff, exceptional food and drinks and ultra happy guests

Our menu was put together by a cordon bleu trained chef SOFIA NAVARRO ANDRE. She is from Cozumel and has worked as a chef internationally

We have 12 cabanas, all of them are private. Two of them have more space and are more private cabanas #1 and #10.

Very Simple, go to Our Web Page The Cabana Beach enter our reservation page and proceed.

Yes you can on the reservation page there is a map of the cabanas