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Rules for reservation

A client who shows up without a printed coupon or screenshot of the reservation will be able to make the reservation effective upon proving their identity and it matching the reservation info. Reservations must arrive before 2:00 pm. After this hour if the client does not arrive the reservation will be considered a “No Show”.
Extension is possible with prior notice to management via phone, WhatsApp or email.
Phone: (987)5645662

Changes in Reservations

All date changes requested 3 days or more prior to reservation date will be free of charge and subject of availability. Changes in reservations due to bad weather will be permitted subject to availability to reschedule to future date.


All cancelations requested with 7 or more days prior of reservation date will be fully reimbursable. All cancelations requested between 7 days and 3 days of reservation will have a partial charge of 50% and reimbursment of 50%. All cancelations requested under 3 days to reservation date will have a full charge and will not be reimbursable.


Flight cancellations or change of date as well as cruise ship cancellations, change of date or change of itinerary will be fully reimbursable, providing evidence to management via email at

Mayor causes such as hurricanes or weather disasters entitle a full refund or change of date if desired.

No shows “No shows” will be charged in full and are not reimbursable. A no show is considered after 2:00 pm.