Chankanaab Park

Chankanaab is Mayan for “Small Ocean”, which refers to the crystal clear lagoon situated in the heart of the park. Surrounding the lagoon are lucious tropical gardens, trails, and activities to satisfy your thirst for adventure- and tequila!

The reefs at Chankanaab Park are perfect for snorkeling or diving, and there is no seaweed on shore guaranteed.

Chankanaab Reef

Explore the vibrant sea life in the Chankanaab Reef, located inside Cozumel´s National Reef Marine Park. With its mild currents and shallow waters, this is an excellent spot for new divers and snorkelers.

Chankanaab Lagoon

The Chankanaab Lagoon, the Park’s namesake, is home to a very rare inlet coral reef. The crystal clear water is so shallow that you can walk the perimeter of the lagoon, and still see the sea life thriving there.

Underwater Sculptures

Plunge into the depths to explore the grand stone sculptures whose stories create an underwater museum. You can snap some fun photos while either diving or snorkeling.

Botanical Garden

Lush tropical gardens with an impressive variety of plants, flowers, and ancient trees, the Botanical Gardens beckon you to wander through and discover your favorite endemic flora and fauna of Cozumel.

Eco-Archaeological Replica Trail

With statues, landmarks, and replicas, learn about the indigenous Mayan and Aztec cultures in this fascinating walk through Chankanaab’s history.

Mayan Hut

Sharing how Mayans traditionally lived, farmed, cooked, celebrated, and congregated, the Mayan Hut is a group of several huts replicating what they were like 2000 years ago.

Dolphin and Manatee Exhibitions

Looking for an up-close experience with Cozumel’s local wildlife? These exhibitions offer a wonderful opportunity for learning and discovery, and they’re fun for the whole family.

Sea Lions show

This entertaining family-friendly show gives you a front-row seat to discovering some of the most unique sea animals that live here.

Snuba & Sea trek $

Sea Trek and SNUBA activities allow you to wear a specially-designed helmet underwater, and walk along the sea bed. You’ll feel like you’re walking in space, except you’ll be surrounded by sea life!

Dolphinarium $

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a personal experience with dolphins, this is your perfect opportunity. You may choose from several programs including the Royal Dolphin Swim, Dive with Dolphins, or the Dolphin Swim Adventure.

Services and Facilities

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